Thursday, January 15, 2009

Myspace Propaganda V. 1.0

Thumbin around myspace, as i do everyday, I came across a page for "E-Man's Angels Entertainment". Normally I would just link you to the page, but, this profile is set to private. Me being the pervert that I am, I went through the hassle of friend requesting and alladat just to get the loyal readers some solid material for the afternoon.

Let me just explain, this site is not slangin strippers, they are slangin booty. These bitches are straight up prostitutes, and I couldnt be happier about finding them. Peep one of the 50 flyers from the page:


Let me explain that flyer to the white readers...

"For only $1,500 you get 3 silky headed hoes, 2 bottles of thug passion, some chicken, and some extra funky cuttin in a hotel room".

Great. My interests are peaked.

So I went ahead and clicked on the "view more pics" section tryin to locate some extra thick booty shots, and I stumbled across this banger right here:


That is straight ashy honey. Peep the way they went ahead and hit ol' girl off with the booty oil rub down, but didn't even bother with the legs, back, knee-pits, or elbows. HAHAHA. That shit is straight raw. You know the photographer was just yellin "bend over, we still gotta get shaquana and 'dem in heyah 'fo they photo shoot". Riiiiiight, cause this photo right here was all business.

Just know, if they weren't based in Atlanta I would have called 'em up just to give 'em shit. Why? Cause Ollie's a cold hearted savage with zero morals.

This is another flyer that was posted in a bulletin on my page. It's from the guys at WAR42, which is basically the filming team for the graffiti crew TKO. Now I have met several of the dudes from TKO and let me just say this, these cats are seriously RUTHLESS. Peep the flyer:


Bring: Craigslist Hookers, Coke, Crack and Cab Fare. HAHAHAHA.

The only text in the bulletin read "These guys aren't kidding about the Crack and Cab Fare".

Savagery at its finest from the goons at TKO. P.S. Cupcake Vandal, if, for any reason, you ever read this, holler at a peeeimp.

-Ollie the Cold-Hearted


Jonny D said...

yet another reason why Facebook is better than Myspace.

oliver wrist said...

ooooorrrrrrr is myspace indeed better than facebook because of goonery like this?

Jonny D said...

its debatable

oliver wrist said...

agree to disagree? please see post title "facebook = wack" for further reference. hahaha.

Anonymous said...

lmfao at ashy harriet. I love hot ghetto messiness.