Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Yellow Fever? More Like The Yellow Plague!

Doin what I normally do, wasting away my day bumpin around on the interwebs, lookin at bullshit blogs and adding a ridiculous amount of friends on myspace, and then BAM! I catch this:


Her name is Kana Tsugihara, and according to Kineda.com she is the most viewed asian model on the web or some shit. Yep, my interests are peaked. As most of you do or don't know, I got a jonesin for the asian persuasion like you wouldn't believe. Imagine my surprise when i check the next photo in the set:


WHAT? No way those J's are real. Some of these little cyber dorks are arguing about it on a message board. My thoughts? Who gives a fuck? That chest piece is ferocious.

And for good measure, but only because its required here, the backshot:


And that folks, is where the fantasy ends. No thighs, no calves, no hook, and just the slightest hint of an arch. I'm still looking, for your sake, not mine, for that bad little noodle with the ASSets required to be BBOTD material. She's trying, and I ain't mad at that.

Oh, and because I love (or hate?) you all so much, CLICK HERE for the most comprehensive list of non-domesticated asian cuties ever compiled. Or, so the creators of the list claim.

-Ollie the Perv

1 comment:

Brown Dolphin said...


Score one for the philippines...

She might not have the proper thickness..but god damn, you can't deny this bitch.