Friday, January 16, 2009

It's official

I got my confirmation for ASR registration and AGENDA registration via E-Mail last night. I'm heading down to San Diego for the shows on Thursday Afternoon and will be there for the AGENDA and ASR after party on Thursday night, Friday, Saturday, and comin' back home Sunday. Got some meetings set up with some super cool cats down there, hope to grow the BAMA to new heights after this weekend.

To the readers that have been hangin around since the beginning, thanks a million for any and all support.

I'd like to throw a couple shouts to some folks that made it possible...

TBC- thanks for being supportive in my misogeny (most chicks wouldnt put up with it)

The homie Sam from for the hook on the ASR badge. Those joints aren't too easy to come by.

The homie REEZ from for the hook at AGENDA. Good lookin peeimp. Did I mention how dope his blog is??

The homies Ryan and Rob from Cardboard Robot, Raphel from Live Mechanics, Larry Luk from PROCESS, and Patrick from Akomplice for takin the time to get with me for some dialogue at the show or via E-MAIL.

Watch out for the interview with Larry Luk from PROCESS clothing in the near future.

Bigger than big in '09 suckas!!!



Kristen said...

Congratulations. That's so awesome!

T motha fuckin money said...

ill be there Friday, we wont have a booth but i will be meeting with accounts and such. hit me up

oliver wrist said...

word up. I think Smalls (my little bro) will be rollin with me. Should be a good time. Are you gonna kick it friday night too? You can crash at our telly if you need a spot.