Tuesday, January 20, 2009

January 20, 2009: Inauguration

History was made today folks, and regardless of your political beliefs (or mine for that matter) I am a citizen and patriot of this great nation and will stand firmly behind our nation's president, Mr. Barack Obama. From what I have seen and heard, the inauguration speech was A-1, first class, diplomatic (no cam'ron) rhetoric. So, big ups and alladat for the progress being made today.

Alot of you readers that have been around for a while know where I stand politically, and I never hid the fact that I was anti-Obama. But hey, apparently the rest of the nation felt differently and now he's got some serious promises to make good on. I'm givin homie the benefit of the doubt and I will wait, patiently and impartially, to see if he makes good on his talking points.

2009 is the year for change, so, lets make the changes you promised.

Oh yeah, if you hadn't noticed, I took the 3 day weekend and got my horizontal on all day yesterday (Read: napping). I'm back with the heaters today though.

-Ollie Ollie oxen Free

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