Friday, January 16, 2009

Facebook = Wack.

I recently got on the facebook bandwagon and was doin my thug thizzel reconnecting with old homies, tryna get my network on, blah blah etc. I sent out requests to a bunch of random folks (you know, tryin to network) and facebook decided to cut me off from being able to add friends. FUCKING RETARDED. Here I am,. shamelessly (self) promoting this blog to create a broader fan base, and these dorks from facebook think they can just give me the axe? yeah I said dorks, and yeah I see you Mark Zuckerberg...


And unfortunately for you, you just made the list of bitch ass muhfuckas that will get slapped on site. Currently it is only you and Norv Turner, but don't worry plenty of other folks will be joining very soon.

**Side Note** Joe Rogan is on the list, but he won't be getting bitch slapped cause there's a pretty good chance he will roll me up with the quickness.***

I'd like to give an extra large shout out to Tom from myspace for keepin shit ultra gutter. I mean, this cat (Tom) lets prostitutes pick up johns on his site. He allows Tila Tequilla to have over a million friends. I need to do that shit, for real. I'm going to send out 100,000 friend requests in the next 6 months (I did the math, that is approx. 555 requests per day, every day for the next 180 days). I figure if I can have 100,000 myspace friends, and each of them visits the site twice a day, hell, I might even be able to turn a profit from this godforesaken blog I've created.

Yep! Doin it bigger than big in '09.

And in case you missed it, Fuck Mark Zuckerberg, cause all I really wanted to do was shoot an add request to the next American Idol Casey Carlson.

Oh, you don't know about Casey, well, she isn't the standard NPB type'a chick (read: thick in the hips and backyard) but she has a super cute face and she's talented. Did I ever mention that talent adds a minimum of 1.5 points to a chick instantly? It's similar to throwin D's on a bitch, which automatically bumps her 2 full points on the rating scale.

Lets review... basic chick, say she is a 3, she goes out and gets dubs thrown on the chest piece, and she can sang?? She becomes a 6.5. Got it?? Good. Back to Casey Carlson...


And the backshot (it's standard here)...


See what I mean. Typical white tail piece. I ain't mad though, she's a solid 8 without dubs or backs. Go get 'em girl. If you want to see more go ahead and CLICK HERE.

As if I needed another reason to watch American Idol. This is seriously becoming a problem.

-Ollie enamored

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