Thursday, January 22, 2009

Throwback Thursday: Doe or Die

For the record, AZ has and always will be better than Nas in any rap category except sales. Argue if you want, it will get you absolutely nowhere with me. I hold firm in my ways. Anywho, this is the title track from the '95 classic "Doe or Die" by AZ. If you're not an AZ guy, and don't know his body of work, get familiar, homie has been one of the nicest since his debut back in like '92. This cut didn't get the love that "Sugar Hill" got, but it was/is fire.

Posts are fast and furious today. Tryin to get my life in order for the departure this after. Go youtube AZ and send me a comment to say thanks. PEACE.


1 comment:

Royal said...

Az was stylin on fools in the 90's.