Friday, January 30, 2009

Lil Wayne Is A Gangster?

And here I thought he was just a rapper that moved millions of kilo's of cocaine...

This is a clip from the interview he did with Katie Couric for the grammy's...

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Did you catch that line?? "I'm a gangster, and gangsters don't ask questions..."

Really? But gangsters definitely do interviews with the whitest bird on the planet... And gangsters definitely drink their weight in cough syrup daily... and gangsters definitely wear skinny jeans, and gangsters MOST DEFINITELY sing rock songs through a auto-tuned vocoder...

Get the fuck outta here Weezy. Look, I am a fan of "The Carter 1/2" and wasn't completely mad at the "The Carter 3" but Weezy has taken off on the gayship with Kanye and lets just call this "rock/pop-hop" movement officially a wrap and get back to that real gutter shit...

While I'm venting, can we please address the amount of bullshit "my president is black" type-a joints flooding the internets. I've said it before, but I will definitely reitterate my point:


Straight up. I could care less what Young Jeezy The Snowman (snow being a metaphor for cocaine and all) has to say about the current state of American politics.

I'm serious as a heart-attack here people. Jeezy is dumb yo. Real dumb. This cat is takin shots at Bill Fucking O'reilly's credibilty in the political world? Are you serious??

I am not always a believer in Bill's politics, but the man does his homework.

We get it Jeezy, you're a more conscious rapper now. I mean, "YOUR" president is black... You can't keep floodin the streets with that snow under "YOUR" new administration.

Don't get it twisted, I am all for people speaking their opinions freely, God knows I do, but Jeezy is ruining his own credibilty.

Dallas Penn (internets celebrities blogger) kinda hit this point in a recent post.

You cannot be speaking on the president being black and how much of a step forward that is, and then regressing black culture in the very next line telling me about how your "diamonds are still blue" and your "money's still green".

In case you forgot, "YOUR" president is facing the worst recession/depression since the days of Hoover.

Think about it homie, it makes a good hook, but illustrates just how unconscious you rappers are when it "all falls down".

Speak on it.

-Ollie the Revolutionary

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Anonymous said...

I agree with the no tight pants and homo shit, and lets be real he is NO gangster. But I still got love for weezy. He was so smooth with katie couric haha.