Thursday, January 8, 2009

Don't Think I Forgot

I know it's Throwback Thursday and all you fiends are waitin for your dose of high powered hip hop from the glory days of '95. I got a certified heater today courtesy of my man Makeshift (Homie gets the stamp of approval from Ollie, be on the look out for the Makeshift interview conducted by Oliver Wrist over at Curiculum Magazine in the coming months).

Anyways, folks that know, know. And those that don't are about to. Kool G Rap is top 5 all time as far as I'm concerned. This, my friends, will never change. Alot of you are asking yourselves, "but Ollie, if you're such a big fan of Kool G Rap, how come Kool G. Rap and DJ Polo didn't make the greatest duo's list?" Fair question. Answer?? Cause Polo really didn't do much, G. Rap has been killin it solo and where is DJ Polo? Thats right, layin in the cut, livin off the glory days.

Back to the lecture at hand, this is a super official banger of the century type joint right here. You can easily see why I have no love for any rappers outside of my staples since around 2001, when compared to this type of heat ('95 era Kool G. and Nas) new-jacks just dont compare.

Without further hype I present Kool G. Rap Ft. Nas - Fast Life

BUT WAIT THERES MORE... Cats that were knockin to the grime that was the 90's era New York hip hop scene know that the first release of a joint is ALWAYS the sub-par when compared to the remix. So here you go folks, a superfied bangtastical (I'm so excited I'm makin' up words) remix of "Fast Life"...

My favorite line of my adolescent/adult life... "Now that's hip-hop!"

-Young Ollie still the educator

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