Thursday, January 29, 2009

Myspace Of The Day:

I think its pretty well known that I am a serious pervert. So with that in mind please don't read to deep into why i was there, just know that I was.

I was shamelessly adding famous people to my myspace friends list today when it hit me... Who has more time to spend surfing blogs then perverted middle age men? And where is the best source to find these perverted middle aged men on myspace?? YES!! You guessed it, on young porn star's myspace pages.

So I'm checkin out Bree Olson's myspace (who is extra bad by the way):


and I scroll down to the comments section of her page. Not sure why, but I always, always read comments on peoples myspace pages. The nature of curiousity i suppose.

Anyways, I see this quote right here (taken directly, no changes made):

"Bree Olson
Thanks for adding me and you tail you a lote that you very sexy eyes i wish i wake up them every you thanks for adding me..

At first I assumed that John was middle-eastern or chinese, or at least mildly retarded, so i went ahead and investigated a little further...


As of right now, John has not accepted my friend request so I havent had a chance to see any other photos beside his default. But from the looks of that haircut and those ultra thick coke bottle rims, I assume homie is heavily disturbed.

It just goes to show why myspace is so much better than facebook. There is no elitism on myspace. Anyone can be friends with anyone. And that my loyal subjects (all 8 of you) is something I can get behind (no homo). Keep fighting the good fight Tom. And to you Mark Zuckerberg, don't think because you gave me back my friend requesting priviledges that you are off the list. You are still getting slapped on site.

And because the backshot is now required by NPB law:


Enjoy perverts. Incidentally, if you are anything like most people, you are probably wondering what this PYT (pretty young thang) is workin with in the sack. CLICK HERE for a sneak peek. And yes, that is the first time in the history of the BAMA that I linked to a known porn site. Things are really lookin up.


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Royal said...

Bree's hatchet wound can still get it.
unrelated: we got em' and will commence street teamin' soon w/ pics to follow.