Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sneak Peak: Nickel Plated Bama Stickers


Put in the order yesterday for the first run of BAMA stickers. Above is the rough sketch, the final cut will be red text on white vinyl, 4" circles with the url in the logo. Should have the stickers by next Wednesday. Lets get this movement movin' suckas.

-Oliver Wrist your (un)friendly neighborhood blogger


T motha fuckin money said...

dude shoot me some i slap stickers like bitches.. ALL THE TIME . ok but to be real here i dont hit women but i do slap stickers everywhere hahaha

oliver wrist said...

hit me with an e-mail T.

give me your info and I'll definitely shoot you some stickers.

Thanks for reading, tell a friend!!

Jonny D said...

Nice. I was talking about making up some stickers today. Street team everywhere i go.

oliver wrist said...

yo jonny, shoot me an email so I can get some stickers out to you and royal.