Friday, January 9, 2009

Florida Wins BCS Title Game: The World Stays Mad

Florida comes out and hands a firm ass-whoopin' on both sides of the ball to the #1 ranked Oklahoma Sooners, and were still hearin' all this boo-hooin from the rest of the nation about how "their" respective teams should have had a chance in the BCS title game.

I will first address USC. You may damn well be the best team in the nation, but when you take an ass-whoopin like you did against Oregon State (the weaker of the Oregon schools btw) you lose all claim to a title shot. PERIOD. I will say this though, I absolutely LOVE Ray Maulauga for this shit right here...


Next contestant on "we should have had a shot" is UTAH. OK, Utah goes undefeated and never gets a chance at a BCS title shot. They beat up on Alabama and BYU, but in all seriousness, who else did they beat? TCU was the only other real game they had. Respect is due for what they did, I mean these cats ran the table, but the bottom line is this, they play in the Mountain West Conference. Sorry, that will not get it done. EVER.

Texas had a valid complaint, but honestly I'm not on the Colt McCoy bandwagon so they will get no more shine here.

Now, back to the reason for this post..

Florida Gators are national champions for the 2nd time in 3 years...


Tim Tebow is still the man pullin top notch tail...


Sam Bradford is still young, a sophomore if I'm not mistaken, and he won the heisman. If I'm him, I'm stayin for another year and one more shot at the BCS... I mean, if this guy...


...does what everyone thinks he will do (Read: go to the NFL) then Sam Bradford will actually have a chance to win.

Unfortunately for the rest of the college football world, Tim Tebow is only gonna be better when he, yes this is my prediction, comes back for a senior year and one more national championship.

Lets face it, its hard out there for anyone other than Florida, but at least Oklahoma has some pretty solid tail hangin around campus...



AND at the stadium...


Do yourself a favor Sammy boy (Bradford) get your little swirl on with these triflin' ass hoes while you still can, I'll take a nice little tail piece and a firm chest plate as a consolation prize.

-Young Ollie the BOSS!


Jonny D said...

Colt McCoy not getting any love? Dude has the best name in football not to mention the flyest girl. I know you saw her. They wouldn't quit cutting to her in the crowd. Winning

oliver wrist said...

he's skinny. I just can't get behind him right now. The kid is an amazing quarterback, Texas is the real deal, and I just hate him for no real reason. Dont ask me to justify cause I cant. HAHA.