Wednesday, October 1, 2008

MLB playoffs start today

Apparently i'm the only person who gives a shit about baseball anymore, nobody has the patience and commitment to sit down and watch a baseball game from start to finish. Of course they will all jump on the wagon when the CUBS win the world series and start yammin 'bout "they always been fans" eh-eh wrong answer. As a loyal CUBS fan for many years i will say this, we will take em anyway we can get em.
Today's playoff schedule reads like this:

Milwaukee VS. Philadelphia: I am basically uninterested in this series mainly for the fact that i think the Phillies are gonna burn up Milwuakee. IF Milwuakee wins one game in this series this is going to be their chance. I mean really, there biggest star (outside of Sabathia) weighs like 350 lbs. How can he even be considered an athlete?

Los Angeles Dodgers VS. CHICAGO CUBS: Ok, so the dodgers get back Furcal today, but i don't think that him ridin pine for the last 7 months has him dialed in, especially to go against Dempster, who surprisingly enough is now the ACE of the CUBS pitching staff. Besides that, this game (and game 2 thursday) are being played in the friendly confines where the CUBS finished 55-26 this year.

Boston VS. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of Orange County Etc. Etc. (jesus that is just ridiculous that they have to be that specific). Blah. anyways, i am basically as uninterested in this as i am the milwuakee vs. philadelphia series. Red Sox have solid pitching when everyone is healthy but they have several key injuries, where as the Angels are basically healthy and should handle Boston relatively easily. IF this game goes 5 i'll be amazed. Although Boston does have some good lookin fans..

GO CUBS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Oliver Wrister

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