Monday, October 6, 2008


The extremely overhyped fight between Kimbo and Ken Shamrock goes down in flames as EliteXC basically lost any chance they had at rivaling UFC. This sucks for me because in general i like fights.

Early 90's pre-WWE, WWF wrestling, check.
UFC without Joe Rogan, check. (sidenote, if you havent yet, you should prolly read my post on why i hate Joe Rogan.)
Boxing, before the death of the heavyweight bout, check...
videos of Kimbo beating the livin shit outta brothas on the block on youtube, check.

So when eliteXC comes out and is toutin Kimbo as there mainliner, i was reaaaaaalll excited. Kimbo is just a mean muhfucka out there in the streets, but the cold hard truth of the matter is just that, hes mean in the streets.

So after watching my CUBS get bitch-slapped for the second straight post-season sweep against the NL west, i needed to see Kimbo beat up on someone.

The channel gets changed and we see that not only is Ken Shamrock unable to fight, but this guy:
yeah that guy, is going to be his stand-in. Even better, i think. Now Kimbo is really just gonna punch this dudes head right off of his shoulders.

Ding Ding... 14 seconds later Kimbo is layed out like he just got tased up, screamin bout how the party's still poppin.

OH HELL NAH!!! Kimbo, you supposed to be the baddest muhfucka out chea, and you get slept by a ultimate fighter contestant. Say it aint so. I guess its back to UFC on mute cause Joe Rogan is that bad.

- Ollie

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