Friday, October 24, 2008

B.E.T. Awards: The Cypher

Solid "freestyles" (see: pre written) from Juelz, Fab, and Jada...

The kid Ace Hood needs to quit it with all that swagger talk...

On a different note, for anyone who didn't watch the B.E.T. Awards last night (i dont blame you) everyone's new favorite rapper Weezy was ackin a dam fool all night. He was on stage buggin out with some straight skankin (see: ska) dance moves with those nerd-hoppers Pharell and company. He changed clothes AT LEAST 5 times, gave awful singing performances and overall just let me know how seriously fucked up he is.

Let me say this again, as loudly as i can...knock knock "can you hear me in the back"... THE SKINNY JEANS WITH HIGH TOP'S HAS GOT TO STOP BEFORE YOU CORRUPT AN ENTIRE GENERATION.

Oh yeah, did anyone see that god awful fit Big Boi (Outkast) had on?? He was rockin a pair of these:


with the jeans tucked in. Takin that high top trend to the next level. overall Big Boi i gotta give you a big NADDAGOODLOOK!!

Every single person that set touched the microphone last night was preachin Obama. Then Ice Cube killed the momentum by saying "Vote Black" insenuating that the only reason to vote for Obama is because he's black. Not the best way to go Cube, but I dont think anyone cares at this point anyway.

-Ollie Popper

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