Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lil Wayne's baby momma

Looks like ol' girl is gonna cash in on being the oven that baked up Weezy's latest creation.


Looks like Weezy got a little of that yellow fever too. I aint mad at that, but isnt Weezy supposedly engaged to this broad:


who is that?? Thats Lauren London (new-new from ATL). Heres the problem, homegirl has NO ASS whatsoever:


And when your fuckin wit weezy that backyard's gotta be right, i mean he used to hit this:


Thats mah girl Trina (the baddest bitch).

When i think about it, isn't weezy supposed to be fuckin superhead too? Damn, homie's hard on em. Do you Weezy, but stop that singin vocoder bullshit. Thanks.


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