Friday, October 10, 2008

The Choking Game

and NO im not talkin about my CUBBIES. This is a new phenomenon they were discussing on Good Morning America Wednesday morning. The basic idea, and weve all done it, is to hyperventilate, then have your buddy choke you out. STOOPS (telly from kids). The desired effect is a hearty laugh for your buddies and you a few million brain cells lighter than when you started. I found some videos for your viewing pleasure if you choose... This entry isnt so much meant to be funny as it is concerning, i mean JEEZUS kids, when in the world did we decide it was a good idea to strangle ourselves? (except for Joe Rogan, please join this revolution).

What i havent figured out is why the hell these broads want to get choked out more than dudes...

I'm lying, you know i know why... These hoes is freaks!!! You know ol girl rite chea is fierce in the sack, you can see it in her eyes, and that smile on her face the whole time, shes a worker, we'll leave it there.

Enough is enough, this is what im spending my time doing?? Isnt there an election in about 25 days?

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