Thursday, October 16, 2008

PSA: Stop lurking and start participating

Lurker (as defined by Oliver Wrist): Someone who consistently takes the time out to read this (or any other) blog everyday yet never has 30 seconds to throw down a comment and let your boy know if youre feelin the site.

Look, anyone who knows me knows 2 things for certain, 1) im a straight up asshole and 2) i require attention constantly.

So heres where im going with this, im fairly certain that there is a pretty solid base of daily readers and if im ever going to get anything more than personal satisfaction (see: money) from this site you people are gonna have to start lending a hand...

In simple terms, advertisers pay by # of daily hits or feedback from readers... So please, take a second, write some kind words, argue with me, write a funny post and join the nickelplatedbama team, whatever it is that floats your boat but participate god damnit.

I need you folks to comment so i can know how im doing in the daily view statistics. Get on the bus, help your favorite blogger out, and do whats right, STOP being lazy.

I DO THIS FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, so do this for me. Thanks.

P.S. if you tried to comment before and were unable to due to the fact that you werent a google account holder, that problem has been remedied. Start talking..

Oliver may be lookin for some guest bloggers to start writing text and pushing this site forward to become more than just a couple of laughs a day... in other words i need an unpaid intern to write funny shit for me and allow me to take credit, feel free to apply via comment on this or any other post.

-Ollie needs that guap

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