Thursday, October 30, 2008

More reason to love the game of GOLF.

Look, i like to golf, in fact id go so far as to say i love it. Its the only "sport" i know that i can play while drinkin beers and cursing like a sailor on port. That being said, i want to get this out of the way, Fuck Tiger, Im a John Daly fan.

Look, homie is a straight up menace to the game. He's weighing in at 300 pounds, smokes cigarettes on the course, drinks during matches and goes hard on the hoes.

Lets run some of that evidence right now:


This is how i like my sports idols to be. A real man of the people. Although i am now smoke free (approx. 3 months cold turkey) i was an avid smoker for 10+ years.


This is just great. but it gets better...


Niether of those is his wife, and as you can see, if he's not on the course, the shirt is completely optional.

Now that we've gotten the build up out of the way, lets get to the news story.

Apparently last night (wednesday) John Daly was gettin his hooters on:


and after having about 10 too many of these:


John Daly falls down drunk outside the door of hooters and gets arrested!!! This guy is the best man, the polar opposite of any role model youd ever want your child to have. Hes got a great mugshot too:


looks like homie has been cuttin his own hair! haha.

The entire story can be found by CLICKING HERE

Moral of this story, John Daly is an icey muhfucka with no self control or ability to decipher socially acceptable behavoir. He is a self indulgent son of a bitch, and for that the BAMA loves him. DO YOU JOHNNY BOY!!!

-Oliver Daly


Anonymous said...

He and Ron White should party together

oliver wrist said...

HAHA, they look like brothers. But i always thought that Ron White's "drinking" was all part of his schtick. I hope im wrong, cause i would much rather him be a raving alcoholic, it makes it funner for the rest of us.

Kristen said...

this should help shed some light on the truth about ron...