Monday, October 6, 2008

something must be addressed here.

So my girl was askin' me the other day why i only have black/latin broads as my BBOTD, my simple answer... the backyard. So in order to break the habit of strictly goin with the girls of color i decided to do some investigating to find that good ol', albeit elusive, white girl booty. Its very well known amongst my circle of friends/readers of this blog that i am a flat out pervert, and i choose to embrace that rather than reject it. I spent quite a while lookin through these videos for YOUR sake readers, so by god, you better enjoy them.

The evidence... the not completely bubbled out white girl booty (p.s. this is not safe to watch at work)

i give it a solid 8.5, ol' girl was doin work. Unfortunately thats the only quality video i have located to date. Dont YOU worry, i will continue to investigate and keep the people updated.

While i was doin this search i found this other phenomenon, women poppin that ass while doing headstands LOL. i don't know why or where this came about, but i have to assume its of southern descent so thank you to the Duuurrrtttyy for the laughs..

give it up to shawwty, she was tryin. HAHA. but this girl rightchea... OHHHH LAWD.

HAHAHAHAHAHA she walked up jumped on her head and started poppin, no hesitation. this is great. more of these to follow in the next few days as i weed through the bullshit to give the loyal readers only the best.

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