Wednesday, October 29, 2008

mama said retire already

Apparently LL Cool J has decided to follow in the footsteps of basically every other rapper in the game and launch his own line of clothing. HAHA, this is great. Even better than LL having his own clothing line is the fact that it is available EXCLUSIVELY at Sears. Sears??? Who the fuck shops at sears for anything other than lawnmowers and garden equipment??

As the story goes on, the line jumped off earlier this year (2008) and everything in the line is already discounted 40% to move the product. It is god awful and about 2 years late.

Think Ed Hardy meets Pelle Pelle.

And if that wasnt enough, here is one more rapper Jim Jones can claim stole his swagger, peep LL's get up:


Aggressively tight extra smedium all over foil print shirt? check.
Pre-distressed skinny jeans with whiskers (see: "sun wrinkles")? check.
Multi color studded belt? check.
Fashionable chain (wallet) with skull charms? check.

We cant see the shoes in the photo but you've gotta assume they are steel toed timberlands. The only thing missing is the Louie Vuitton Scarf/head wrap.

All due respect to LL, i mean the guy basically started Def Jam with Russell and Rick, but isnt it about time to take a step back and live off that movie career dough?

Im jus sayin'.


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