Friday, October 10, 2008

Obamanation - RANT!


Please... i mean, this guy is really going to rejuvenate this country and redeem us from the funk were stuck in?? Lets get real here folks, Obama is not this great advocate for change that he is leading us to believe. The bottom line is all of his "self made man, im here for the people, we need change" rhetoric is getting old. OF COURSE WE NEED CHANGE! we are facing one of the toughest economic crisis' since the depression. Interesting though that the shit really hits the fan 30 days before election day, you think that wasnt designed?? C'mon now. Im not here rooting for John Mccain either, lets get that straight, but ultimately what it boils down to is this, who is the better vice president??? The reason i ask is simple, niether Obama or Mccain look to have a chance of making it through their first term.

I like Palin (Tina Fey SNL skits aside), i think she is doing her job of offsetting the liberal nature of Senator McCain by being that right wing nut that the Conservative Right needs. She debates well, laughing at her opponent (my favorite tactic of all time), keeping the crowd involved, straying away from traps, all the while remaining humble.

Joe Biden, sure hes very firm, and offsets Baracks extremely left, damn near socialist approach to government, but i just dont like the guy. He looks like one of the biggest assholes (trust me, i know about being an asshole) of all time. So lets just take it to the photos...

Palin is fly yo, no bullshit...

Hi, Im Joe Biden and im an asshole...

Palin makes me kinda tingly fareal...

Joe "my shit don't stink" Biden
god that smirk makes me want to slap his face.

Moving on, I like the fact that McCain is batty as all hell, I like the fact that Sarah Palin lets her pregnant teenage daughter be seen...
As for the Obama/Biden ticket, i have this to say, this country was founded by war, capitalism is what makes us what we are (see: hated everywhere), please stop tugging on the heartstrings of the average uninformed American promising an end to this war, i mean sure, maybe if you get elected you will fight to get the troops out of Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, etc... but that doesnt ensure that this war is in ANY WAY over. The war can be fought there, or HERE! PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS folks, electing Obama to end this war, does not end this war. Bottom line, we are fucked economically and you can bet your ass that if elected, Obama, like every other liberal, will focus on domestic economy only and that whole "WE WILL END THIS WAR" shit is gonna be pushed back about... eh a full presidential term.

Make no mistake, Obama's policies, while sounding great (see: health care for everyone) come with HIGHER taxes and several other unforeseen strings attached.

Im just sayin...

Please be informed, dont waste a vote because your favorite celebrity is rallying behind Obama, know whats poppin, get informed and make informed decisions.

Oh yeah, i voted for Bush in his second term and stand by my vote, because im an American, not a bridge jumping, hateful bleeding-heart (hows that for an oxymoron).

Being a liberal is SOOOOOOOOO this millenium! HAHAHA.

-Ollie for president 2012

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