Thursday, October 9, 2008

Throwback Thursday...

Let me first address the fact that yesterday i got lazy. I didnt post a bbotd, nor did i add a movie to "the list"... never fear though i'm gonna get back in the good graces of the people with this one...

Todays focus is: The Last Dragon...

This movie had everything you could want, comedy, great lookin female lead, black stereotyping, and one of the iciest villians of all time. Sho'nuff was that dude in
'85... matta o fak... roll that tape...


"Thats right cooley, kiss my converse" HAHA. sho'nuff you mos definitely the meanest mofo lowdown around that town.

Speakin of converse, you gotta love that fit right? the fur, the shoulder pads, the red silk hammer pants, the converse...

makes you wonder if your boy andre 3ooo was takin his cues from the shogun...

Oh and i know it seems like ive really been on Kanye alot lately, but those slotted shades that are so o.g. youre about 20 years late homie. Thanks.

Vanity... the leading lady, who used to belong to prince, she was a beast in the 80's.



"Yup thas her"... ksssh ksssh ksssh (thats the Max B. cackled ass laugh).. She was gettin tapped by this cat:


man this movie is a classic.

Youre Welcome.

-Ollie the kid

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