Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Whew! i've been sleepin on this...

If that didn't hyperlink, go ahead and copy and paste that into your browser's address bar. This is my favorite thing ive found since i started this blog. I wasn't up on this blog back in the "White Rapper Show" days, but trust me, i never missed an episode. I said it from jump-off, John Brown was "that guy". You know, that perfect mix of talent, swagger, and attitude, and he MOST DEFINITELY should have won the "White Rapper Show". Did my man John Brown really lose to this muhfucka??

OHHHHHH hellls nah. i guess in the long run, Shamrock won the show, but it is easy to see that John Brown walked away with all the shine. I mean ol' boy is handlin his bitniss and has 2 or 3 magazine covers to boot. John Brown said it best "Im not a rapper, I'm an entity".. GGGGEEEETTTTT 'EEEEEMMMMMMM!!

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Caitlin O'Neill said...

your fuckin hilarious you need to publish this shit, write a fuckin book. ha