Thursday, October 9, 2008

Im so bad: UGK

R.I.P. to one of the iciest to ever do it, Pimp C. Since were on that Throwback Thursday Bitness im gonna run back one of my all time favorite UGK joints from the '92 "Too hard too swallow" album, Im SO BAD... damnnnnnnnnnnnnn..

Im sayin, this song is flat quotable from start to finish. "Bitch i aint even trynna hea that bullshit"... Damn Pimp C had one of the nastiest southern drawls of all time, just certified gangster shit everytime he rapped. He's missed, but just know that even though Bun B aint on this particular joint, he is one of the favorites to knock, and he is keepin that UGK thing movin. TOO TRILL MY NILL!!

-Ollie for president!

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