Monday, October 6, 2008

The juice gets squeezed...

oh hell nah, these "motherfuckers think they can steal my shit"?? Jeeezus O.j. is one of the iciest muhfuckas to ever walk this earth. i mean peep homie's mugshot...


This photo just flat out screams "i got away with murder in the first dog, you think im shook off these robbery charges" eeehhhnnnntttt. NOPE.

Still not convinced that he is savage as fuck? how bout the fact he went nino brown on his wife (see: canceled that bitch) and replaced her with an exact carbon copy...

The evidence:


It was all good just a week ago. when they asked the juice if it was him on the tape his response was...


That "glove dont fit" aliby isn't cuttin it this time juice. These muhfuckas set you up and got yo ass on tape...

To recap here for those that didn't follow the case...

Some guy steals a bunch of O.J.'s shit and is trying to sell it off to highest bidder.

One of O.J.'s homies lets him know where he can find this cat, who just so happens to be in Las Vegas at the same time as the juice.

O.J. gets his real O.J. "ice cold not from concentrate, lay the smack down, who you think you fuckin with" on.

His so called homies turn states and snitch on the juice. he aint havin that shit. Rule #2 "NO SNITCHIN".

Now my man O.J. is lookin at no less than 5, with a possible life sentence?? For what?? for takin back his shit.

god damn son, only in america can you get away with murder than get life for taking back your shit.

- Ollie Pop

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