Friday, October 17, 2008

memo to the wearers of Ugg's: naddagoodlook

I wish i could have been at the meeting when the powers that be (whomever they may be) decided that Uggs were not only "a good look" but also an absolute neccessity in every female (and some male's) closets. These things are god awful...

lets get to some evidence:

exhibit A: the pinky


whew, "not only do i need ridiculously large sheep skin, claud-stomping boots, but im gonna need em in paink". - Dumb Bitch

These joints remind of that whore Aubrey O'day's (Danity Kane) punk ass dog. They are just flat out terrible, not to mention the fact that its warm enough outside to have on a mini skirt, but your feet require arctic climate protection.

exhibit B: the Aspen Extreme


Holy lord these are hideous. They look like the black version of those wicked ass boots Lloyd christmas was wearing in Dumb and Dumber.


exhibit C: the Social


the tan flavored ones are the easiest on the eyes, hence the reason both of these bottle blondes have em to "match that hurr". LOL at the girl wearin high ass striped tube socks.

exhibit D: the hypocrite


Yeah, thats Pam Anderson, one of the biggest PETA supporters in hollywood, but animal cruelty doesnt apply to sheep skin for your footwear.

The functionality of the Ugg is very basic, foot warmth in the winter, and over all i dont have a problem with that, but lets leave it there. NO LOGICAL REASON in the world to wear boots rated for below zero temperatures on a 90* summer day...

One last reason uggs suck:


they make your feet stink and look like that. PLEASE people, lets end the madness.

This rant doesnt end with uggs either, check back monday as we will be exploring several other horrible fashion trends that have got to go.

-Ollie's hatin on errrrrrthhang

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