Thursday, October 30, 2008

question: Is Kat Deluna a candidate for bbotd??

i know what youre thinkin, who?? yeah, i know, shes a horrible R&B/Pop singer thats signed to Konvikt Music (Akon's label). To be honest, up until 2 minutes prior to writing this post i had never even heard her sing a note. I youtubed her, and my suspicions quickly became reality as i found out just how bad (and thats bad meaning bad, not bad meaning good) she really is.

In this day and age, it makes ZERO difference whether you can/can't sing, its all a matter of good looks and your marketability, so i ask you folks...

Is Kat Deluna worthy of bbotd (bad bitch of the day) title??


Im likin what i see in that thigh game, thats a definite. She's dominican so you know she got it from her mama, and there is no doubt she works hard to keep it tight, cause a couple cheeseburgers and a winter layoff will have ol' girl on the shelf permanently.

Lets have a look at that backyard:


Im not quite sold here. I understand that Kat is a small girl, but with thickness of the thighs in the picture above, i was hopin to see a little more hook and arch.

***for those that arent familiar with the term "hook and arch" let me explain. the arch is where the lower back meets the top of the tail, in a quality backyard it should have a nice slope, somewhere around 45 degrees works (haha) and the hook is where the tail ends and hooks back into the upper thigh. think Jessica Biel.***

Im likin that side boob angle, shes workin it well. lets get angle 3 please:


Ok this is the deal breaker for me. Normally i think the chubby cheeks on a small girl is cute (Jessica Alba exemplifies this), but on her it just isnt working for me. Maybe its that hideous make up job, the overly arched eyebrows or the lack of passion in the eyes, but Kat Deluna layed an egg with this last photo.

Overall im gonna give her a rating of (on a scale from 1-10):

hook/tail/arch/thigh = 7
chest plate = 8
face = 7

Overall, thats not a bad score, but the jury is in and Kat Deluna did not make the grade to be a bbotd. Couple that bad make-up game with her turrible ass sangin', and she's nothin more than an average hoodrat from the block. Sorry hunny, but at least we got your picture up and talked about you, which is more than i can say your label is doing for you currently.

-Ollie the magnificent

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