Friday, October 17, 2008

the sheeple never cease to amaze me

Im definitely late on this, but i am really tryin to figure out why in the fuck we need another lip singing, anorexic, no talent, bottle blonde (see christina aguilera, except xtina can actually sing)... but seriously man, with the economy in the pits the way it is right now, record company execs should take some of that long money they throw at these no talent hacks and do 1 of 2 things...

A) give it to me (the best possible outcome for all parties)

B) buy back some of the stocks that people have been sellin off in this financial scare at a discounted rate, wait em out, resell for profit, but at the same time stimulate the economy, and hopefully in the long run have given a lesser known talent the time to hone their craft and put out a record that actually moves the people.

below is a video of this whore "Lady Gaga".. Lady gaga?? yeah, thats what i thought too. and the production is good, she sounds just fine, after, errrrrr 100 takes, but trust me i saw her perform live on "Dancing with the stars" like 3 months ago, good lawd, the magic of studio production is astounding.

if you actually took the time to watch that video, thanks, but it was completely unnecessary, the whole point of this post is to get this picture out there and prove how unbelievably low-class and chauvanistic i am...

So without further ado, dear Lady Gaga...



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