Thursday, October 23, 2008

That siccness

Your favorite blogger has come down with the siccness. My head is so congested i can hear myself blink. Im completely mouth breathing and ive basically never been more miserable in my life, but i had to stop off to let ya'll know that i havent quit ya, im just gonna be outta commission until monday when i promise to resume my rant on the top 49 most influential men as well as bless the fellas with some lovely new dimes.

Question of the day though...

Why is Obama becoming the new Che Guevera??

EVERY streetwear company has jumped on the bandwagon and come out with some Obama silohette 2 color screen print to capitalize on the popularity of America's revolutionary. Im kind of saddened, but then again, this is a capitalistic society, maybe we can explain that to Obama... Everyone is tryin to get rich off of his likeness while he tries to turn us into a socialistic society.

I for one love this.

Back on Monday, if not sooner.

-Ollie can't breave

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