Monday, October 6, 2008

The list begins now

Everyday i will be posting up one movie off of my list of "100 movies every guy should not only see, but own". These will not be listed in order of importance until we get down somewhere in the top 25 range so for now, suffice it to say that, if, and that should really be a big if, but if you havent seen these movies, you are completely depriving yourself of greatness in one way or another.

Today's focus will be: Saving Silverman.

When i first saw this movie i completely and totally wrote it off as just generally entertaining and never saw it making the list, that was like 4-5 years ago. Now that ive watched it like 30 times i have started realizing how completely awesome Steve Zahn is.. here's a couple of his gem ass lines...

"you look downstairs, ill look upstairs, im doin the navy seals signs, C'mon"

"dude you've been pinchin loafs out there, i play croquet out there"

Jack Black, well he just blows my mind at how ridiculous he can be and still make me laugh. Typically im not a visual humor type of guy, i gotta hear it in order to get a good chuckle going. i found this montage of the best of jack black: (sorry, its very poor quality)...

"When you get the nachos stuck together it counts as one nacho"

"Remember, in science, I was lighting farts with the Bunsen burner and I singed my ball sac?"

if youre not patient (like me) just jump to the 3:50 mark and watch the scene when they get kicked out of the party... LOL. "huuuyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaahhhhh" "cammadayeeeeeaaahhhhhaaaaaaahhh". OH MY GOD. I can't stop watchin that spot.

Anyways, moral of the story, the movie makes the grade.

-Lolly Lolly let me see you lick that Ollie

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