Monday, October 20, 2008

You cant be serious...

In recent gangsta rap news this greezy ass bird:


got shot during a drive by shooting in front of her house. Do we know who she is??? Oh hell yes, thats B-Fly, a.k.a. Sherani Taylor, a.k.a. The Game's sistah. yup.

Say hello to street cred and a platinum record by spring 2009. Considering there hasnt been a rapper shot in damn near a year, it was way overdue, but for real, was she the target?? I mean how much of a threat could she be to anyone as a gangster?? And what about the game, is he going to retaliate, was this a stray bullet, was this some piru blood shit?? WHATS REALLY HOOD??? Game get at me, i need the scoop.

I swear son, ive been considerin gettin shot myself to stimulate some revenue of off this blog.

Oh yeah, peep her comments on the shooting from her myspace:

"Never did i think when i woke up it could really be the end of my days…But i truly believe in God!!!He has granted me another day at life , another day to love, another day to breathe, another day to bounce back, and anotha day to praise him for life. I have really found the true meaning of life and that is to” live it to its fullest” every second of the day, not to take things for granted ….and to bless everything that i have. I had so much to complain about until this brush with death surfaced but now i know that everything in my life has its purpose and place. People will always have their opinions but I know me and what im about."

“Death is more universal than life; everyone dies but not everyone lives.”

I guess for those of you who ever wondered what this guy:


(ive been waiting for a reason to drop that one on em)... ahem, for those wondering what the game would look like as a female, there you go, you know your boy ollie stays icey for your sake.

-Fresh off vacation and ready to hurt some feelings Oliver.

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