Monday, October 20, 2008

as a moderately conservative voter:

it pains me to say that republican presidential candidate John McCain is pretty much gonna have to throw in the towel.

Obama has become a full on celebrity and bandwagon riders have taken up with him. For actual Obama supporters (people who actually know what hes pitching), not just the common sheep takin the bait that the hollywood left is feeding you, this is great news, but for people like me, who are actually concerned with this countrys welfare this is really a jagged pill to swallow.


Obamaham Lincoln

If any of the polls are correct, there isnt a single vote being cast for McCain as Obama is up like 40 points in every poll (you arent really buying that are you??)

I just really hope that Americans rallying behind this "we need change" "yes we can" rhetoric, really do understand what they are doing. This is a presidential election people, not a high school student body president election, where popularity is more important than policy...

IT IS BLATANTLY OBVIOUS that Obama is the more popular candidate, his speech writers have given him several great talking points (that he continues to drill into the heads of unsuspecting impressionable youth like subliminal messages), he is more youthful and has really embraced that 50% black half and decided to leave out the fact that hes also half white (please dont take that in any way as racist, just stating a fact), and he presents an overall "cooler" albeit cocky and smug (in my opinion) persona.

The guy is basically the polar opposite of George W. Bush. Which, for him, at this time in America, is the best thing to be.

Listen people, if Bush wouldnt have been what most consider to be a "complete fuck-up" (their words, not mine), Obama wouldnt even be relevant. LETS BE REAL HERE.

Obama is a junior senator with something like 180 days in the senate (thats half a year by my calculations) yet he attacks Sexy Ass Sarah Palin, for her lack of experience, he has done nothing to instill a feeling of respect and pride for this country or its inhabitants, his voting record clearly shows that he is anti-war, which most American's are (but the average American doesnt even know why we are fighting this war, they still believe Bush has a vendetta and all that matters is OIL). But, im gonna stay away from that for now and get back on point...

The overall point here is simple, if Barack Obama is going to win this election it will be more as a "FUCK YOU" to Bush and his supporters, than it will be as a legitimate candidate with the credentials to do the job. The sad part is, that doesnt even matter to most voters...

Here's what Obama is going to look like when he wins this election:

Thats my word, thats Obama dancin on soul train.

I understand the willingness you people have to get behind a candidate like Obama, I really do, but it saddens me that you will take the word of a liberal media source, or some dumb fuck celebrity that spends more time ridin the white horse (See: sniffing cocaine) than they do reading policy or understanding politics in any way to actually make an informed decision.

I love this country, FOR REAL, and cant imagine living anywhere else, but were really going to be in for a world of change, that ultimately might not be the best thing for us as a nation.

Please people, do your research, understand the facts, and dismiss the talking points, the John McCain and Sarah Palin bashing, and make your vote count.


It would be so easy to switch sides and join the Obama bandwagon.
McCain makes himself look like a fool all of the time, but i wonder if him making this face:


means that he is unable to run this country???

... OR if Sarah Palin being sexy as all hell (for real, dont front, politician or not, she is fine and the definition of MILF) means that she isnt able to conduct herself in a professional political manner and make executive decisions that benefit this country and not her national rating as vp??

Thats whats going to happen here folks, if (when) Obama gets elected, he is going to be more concerned with his rating and popularity with Americans than he will be about how were fighting a war on U.S. soil because he pulled funding and troops from the ongoing conflicts in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Saudi Arabia.

The bottom line is this, I wont feel safe going to sleep at night knowing that a bleeding heart pussy, who would rather win your support through promises of lower taxes and cheaper healthcare, has completely turned a blind eye to the fact that this country is and will be (whether he likes it or not) in war for several more years to come. Yeah, I said it, Obama is not going to fight this war nor is he going to end it. He is going to pretend like it isnt even happening, and while everyone is sitting home enjoying that cushy tax break and their cheaper healthcare, North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraqi insurgents and the rest of the lunatics that hate America for all the reasons that are going to allow Obama to become president, are plotting their next attack on US.

Were going to be in trouble folks, i just hope everyones prepared for whats to come.

and OH YEAH! I FUCKING HATE JOE BIDEN!... i mean look at the smirk on this assholes face:


I dont think i could deal with seein this jerk-offs smile for the next 8 years.

END RANT! for all the liberal readers of this blog (prolly about 90% of you, im sorry if you dont agree, but ive been havin the obama campaign spoon fed to me for the last 3 months straight, its time for someone to give you an alternative to his "being the greatest thing walking" bullshit... I still love you.

-Oliver Right

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