Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Love Lockdown

Are you people seriously buying into this shit??

Listen, ive been an avid Kanye fan for years. He has produced some of my all time favorite joints. The guy is clever in so many ways, to the point where it gets old hearing about how much better he is than everyone else, but lets face it, this new vocoder business, ala T-Pain and Lil Wayne, has got to go.

I know all you kanye purists are gonna be screamin about how "hes expanding musical boundaries" or "hes experimenting and pushing the envelope". EEHHHHNNNNNTTTT, wrong answer. Kanye was once one of the people i thought was saving hip hop from its decline, but now he is just flat out killin me. If i wanted soft ass R&B i would dust of my copy of H-town "knockin boots", or get reallllll smoove on dat ass and bring back some Blackstreet, or Bell Biv Devoe.

I do not need the savior of hip hop to be lookin like this...
Kanye - the 2008 slimmed down Kool Moe Dee...

I mean seriously in the top picture he is wearing mid calf nylon white nikes. Those are for the sistahs homie. This tomfoolery has got to stop.

I make this statement now and will stand by it, I WILL NOT fall victim to this love lockdown nonsense. To the readers of this blog who are knockin this wack shit (you know who you are) pull your head out of your ass.

Please Kanye, this is my final plea, as i know i will always appreciate at least 80% of your music, you need to get off that ol "you aint up on this" fashion sense bumbaclot bullshit. You are doin yo'self no favors paradin around like a melle-mel/Micheal Jackson crossover (youre seein the glove trend right??)



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