Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Question: Is Maria Sharapova even fly??

A report today says somebody payed $10,000 for a date with Maria Sharapova, which obviously leads me to the title question, is this bird even fly??

Lets get to the evidence:

Exhibit one..

Now, she's got a reasonably cute face, mediocre chest plate, and little to no thickness of any sort. You could make the arguement that she is an athlete and blahzay blah, but as seen in my bbotd posts, girls must all have several inherant qualities to get any play on the bama (see: gazing eyes, thick thighs, nice chest plate, good hair, and most importantly they must, I repeat MUST have that backyard on point).
Which obviously leads me to the follow up, heres the backside:

"You're bitch aint really got no ass, SHE JUST POKES IT OUT" - thanks GURU (and big ups to Smalls for hittin me with that info)...
I mean really, ol' girl's got some arch there but aside from the maxim touch-ups i aint buyin it.
In summation, i can't say that this ho is worth 10 g-stacks, esp. when you know you can't hit, this bird is like 2 steps above Paris, who in all seriousness would lick you clean and then wipe you down for a couple lines of that white girl and a shotta' that 'tron.
I mean really is Sharapova that much flyer than this:

I gotta go with no, plus it is certified (see: one night in paris) that ol girl is a freak. Shit she doesnt fill the requirements to be official bama bad, but damned if you wouldnt given the chance...

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