Monday, October 13, 2008

NFL: like you didnt already know...

Id like to give an extra special "kick em while there down" to the Dallas Cowboys...
Say it aint so folks, the cowboys are "WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERE" (if you dont get it, you dont deserve the giggle). "America's team" came out on sunday doin the:


which is a little number we over here at the bama refer to when speakin of soft ass football (a.k.a. the "hoe-cake shuffle).

How, and i mean HOW IN THE HELL, are you going to be in any formation BUT max punt protection when you are punting from inside the 20 in overtime?? PLEASE someone for the love of god explain to me how a defender gets through untouched on that critical of a play??

Im so glad im not a cowboys fan... i would prolly have to get my Joe Rogan on (see: put myself in a rear naked choke)...

Anyways after the game they asked T.O. what he thought...


"its obvious, T.O. didnt get the ball as many times as T.O. deserves" -Terrell Owens

After that blasphemy they immediately went to the voice of reason in this clubhouse full of convicts and crybabies and asked everybody's favorite quarterback Tony Romo how he felt about the loss:


"I get to go home and fuck Jessica Simpson"... "Im STTTRRRRRAAAAIIIGGGGGTTTTTT"..

In other news, the Bengals still suck and we all know why...


Yup, this fool right here is straight up WILD. he cannot get his shit together and its no surprise considering he's about 1.2 seconds on the 40 from bein back on the block. Lets face it, Ocho Stinco is just fast, he doesnt even catch the ball anymore... oh and does everyone remember this little debacle:


Not likely Homie. Sorry.

Back to what matters to me, the Chargers put it on the Patriots, in a blinding 30-10 victory. And lets be real with this, the game wasnt even that close. It was a stomping if ive ever seen one, Chargers controlled EVERYTHING about this game. Phillip Rivers finally looked like the quarterback that we kept over this guy:


(yeah, memba him... S.D. released him in '06, and now hes about to be the 2008 m.v.p., uh-huh) yeah Phillip, get up in those shoes...

Anyways after the game they asked Phillip who was responsible for this win and he said:


"I just threw it up there... "

and Vincent Jackson did this...


mah boy Vincent Jackson made Deltah O'neal look like a Division 2 Corner.

Other good things happened in football this weekend, but none of it mattered enough for me to comment on.

Memo to the Redskins and the Cowboys, you HAVE TO win the gimmies if you want to keep up with the Giants this season, cause theyre lookin like the 2007/2008 Patriots right about now even though theyre quarterback looks like this...


-Oliver "9-4 this week and still not happy" Wrist

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