Wednesday, October 1, 2008

This just in: Dane Cook, YOURE NOT FUNNY!

What in the FUCK is going on in this world when this douchebag is the biggest thing in comedy??
Jesus Christ, HBO gives him his own tour with a couple other halfwits, Robert Kelly, no not that icey cold pimp behind the mask...
Im refering to THIS GUY------->
Hes a hack, end of story.
So what i'm thinkin now is that i will take it as a personal challenge to help the readers of this blog to realize what real comedy is. And no, i'm not going to give you Richard Pryor or George Carlin, you're gonna get some of the lesser known but funnier comedians. This weeks comedian is Robert Schimmel. This is just one of many clips available on youtube, spend some time searching and find out why i think he is so funny.

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